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LEFT: James Kenneth Bowen, after attending a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam War; MIDDLE: Major James Bowen, at Nui Dat, South Vietnam during the Communist Tet Offensive, January-February 1968; RIGHT: James Kenneth Bowen of Counsel seen as Prosecutor for the Queen in the State of Victoria (1978-1993).

James Kenneth Bowen spent twenty-nine years in legal practice. He held the offices of Senior Crown Prosecutor and Assistant Secretary for Law in the Territories of Papua and New Guinea (1961-1967). He served as a major in the Australian Army from 1967 to 1973 (two years Regular Army and five years Citizen MIlitary Forces). That military service included service in Vietnam in 1968 during the Vietnam War. He held the appointment of Crown Prosecutor in Canberra from 1969 to 1978. He was appointed by the Victorian Governor-in-Council to the statutory office of Prosecutor for the Queen in 1978.

In 1985, he published "Forensic Science and the Expert Witness" with the Honourable John Harber Phillips AC, QC Australia's first Director of Public Prosecutions and later Chief Justice of Victoria. John Phillips QC defended the parents of Azaria Chamberlain in the infamous dingo prosecution. James Bowen was retained as honorary consultant on police investigative procedures by the defendants to a major defamation action brought against the publishers of a book on the Azaria Chamberlain case. The defendants succeeded when the action was dropped before trial.

Having a special interest in reforms to the criminal law and the criminal justice system, he convened symposia in Canbera (1973 and 1977) and Melbourne (1987 and 1991). The Canberra symposia proposed and laid foundations for establishment of Directors of Public Prosecutions in Australia, recognizing the threat of organized crime in Australia, denying the novel and complete psychiatric defence of dissociation to murderers, and fairer treatment in criminal trials for female victims of sexual crimes. The Melbourne symposia included arguments for recognition of links between pornography and sexual crimes, and the grave risks involved in legalizing narcotic and other mind-altering drugs for recreational purposes.

The Roman connection in the title of this website to the great Roman conservative Cato the Elder arises from James Bowen's four years of Latin and two years of Roman history.

Upon retirement from the office of Prosecutor for the Queen in 1993, he returned to full-time occupation with history with a special focus on the Pacific War 1941-45. He held appointments as an honorary senior consultant on public affairs to the National and Victorian RSL from 1996 to 2001. He has been convener of the Pacific War and Battle for Australia historical societies since 2001, and produced the websites of both historical societies. In 1997, with the support of RSL National President Major General Digger James, AC, MBE, MC, he initiated the proposal for national commemoration of a Battle for Australia in 1942 and wrote the foundation paper to justify the commemoration. That proposal was accepted by the Rudd Labor government in 2008 with the proclamation by the Governor General of an official national Battle for Australia Day to fall on the first Wednesday of every September.



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